Empowering Latin American Investors: Baltico Investments Opens Doors to Wall Street Opportunities

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Empowering Latin American Investors: Baltico Investments Opens Doors to Wall Street Opportunities

February 12
20:12 2024
Established in 2017 with a mission to address the historical neglect of Latin American clients in top-tier financial services, Baltico’s unique business model empowers clients with full control over their funds, transparency, and a fee structure that aligns success with profitability. Furthermore, all portfolios managed by the firm have consistently outperformed their respective benchmarks since their inception.

New York, United States – There is a noticeable scarcity of money managers on Wall Street who exclusively cater to Latin American clients. For decades, individuals from Latin America have been overlooked when it comes to receiving high-quality financial advice and services. Recognizing this gap, Baltico Investments was established in 2017 with the explicit purpose of rectifying this longstanding neglect and providing dedicated financial solutions for Latin American clients.

The firm’s business model is a novelty for Latin’s looking to invest in US capital markets, where the largest companies in the world trade. Laura G. Grondona, Fund Manager, says “Our business model has several advantages compared to a typical fund structure. We offer the client full control over their money, total transparency, and a win-win fee structure.”

Baltico operates as an SMA fund (separately managed accounts). This means that each client has an investment account under their name with Baltico only having trading access over the account. The client can remove that access anytime, which gives the client full control over their funds. Since the investment accounts belong to each client, they can easily access their statements and trading reports where they can see every single movement done in their account. The cherry on the top is the win-win pricing. Baltico only charges if the account has profits. 

Baltico’s investment accounts are safeguarded through the trusted custody services of JPMorgan and Citibank in New York. To execute trades on these accounts, Baltico relies on Interactive Brokers, a prominent brokerage firm in the United States. Clients benefit from a diverse array of portfolios offered by Baltico, allowing them to tailor their investments based on individual risk tolerance. Remarkably, all portfolios managed by Baltico have consistently outperformed their respective benchmarks since their inception.

Leveraging on its structure and trading technology the firm offers services to Advisors, other Money Managers, and independent traders with their own clientele. Roman Gutierrez, Regional Latam Manager of Baltico for PROs, the solution catering to these professionals explains “We offer investment professionals the opportunity to plug into our structure in a fast and easy way, taking advantage of first-class trading technology and back office services. The advisor or trader can focus 100% on managing its clients, either implementing their own trading strategies or choosing one of Baltico’s portfolios”. 

The firm has struck several partnerships with key players in the US and abroad which allows them to offer Latin American’s bank account openings in the US, Switzerland, Uruguay, and certain offshore jurisdictions such as BVI and Cayman Islands. Other offerings include incorporation of LLCs and other legal structures in the US and offshore.

In 2021, Baltico Investments partnered with Elite Wealth Management, a USD 770 million fund based in Washington. The partnership gave Baltico clients exposure to new and proven trading strategies used by world-class hedge funds and family offices not usually available to retail investors in Latin America. 

In 2022, Baltico teamed up with Bitennial, a company that provides solutions to buy, sell, and invest in cryptocurrencies. The collaboration gives Baltico clients exposure to cryptos and comprehensive support from the initial account opening to the funding and investment stages, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience throughout the entire journey. Laura G. Grondona adds “Many investors want exposure to cryptos but remain wary of the ecosystem or they don’t fully understand it. That’s where we come in to help with the entire investment process. Clients can safely hold their cryptos while earning an annual fixed interest on it.” 

In pursuit of its goal to be the comprehensive destination for all international financial services catering to Latin Americans, Baltico has experienced significant growth in its client base. The company now efficiently serves both individual and corporate clients across Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico, reflecting its expanding reach and commitment to providing tailored financial solutions across the region.

About Baltico Investments: 

Baltico Investments is a trailblazing money management firm committed to revolutionizing financial opportunities for Latin Americans on Wall Street. Recognizing the historical lack of dedicated financial services for the region, Baltico introduced a novel business model centered on client empowerment. 

With strategic alliances and offerings extending to international financial services, Baltico has rapidly expanded its client base, becoming the go-to destination for individuals and corporations seeking expert financial guidance in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico.

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