Bespin Labs’ “Patronum” – Revolutionizing Google Workspace Management

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Bespin Labs’ “Patronum” – Revolutionizing Google Workspace Management

November 20
23:10 2023

Bespin Labs, a pioneering force in Google Cloud solutions, has once again solidified its position as a leader in the tech world with its flagship product, Patronum. Following a significant win in the IT Awards 2023, we delve into the world of Patronum and the innovative minds at Bespin Labs.

Introducing Bespin Labs and Patronum

Founded by the visionary CEO, Paul Lees, Bespin Labs embarked on its journey as an Official Google Cloud Partner in 2018. The launch of Patronum in 2019 marked a significant milestone, introducing a ground breaking solution for Google Workspace (G Suite) Management.The journey of Patronum is one of innovation and adaptability. Originally conceived as a Google backup and archive tool, Bespin Labs pivoted its focus towards enhancing user lifecycle management in Google Workspace. This strategic shift leveraged their deep understanding of Google APIs, leading to the creation of a market-leading user lifecycle management solution for Google Workspace Administrators.Patronum stands out with its comprehensive toolset designed to streamline the management of Google Workspace users. It adeptly handles the starters, leavers, and movers process, enhancing organizational efficiency. Additionally, Patronum provides invaluable insights into Google Drive sharing exposure, enabling organizations to address file-sharing risks proactively.

Patronum: A Comprehensive Solution for Google Workspace Administrators

Patronum has redefined the way organizations manage their Google Workspace environments. With a focus on efficiency and security, Patronum introduces several key features:

  1. Complete Onboarding and Offboarding of Google Workspace Users: Patronum automates the provisioning and deprovisioning of users within Google Workspace, making administrator and user tasks efficient and secure​​.
  1. Automated File Unsharing and Compliance: Reducing organizational exposure, Patronum automates the unsharing of Google Files and the clean-up of file sharing with external organizations​​.
  1. Google Contact Sharing: As the only enterprise-ready contact sharing application for Google Workspace, Patronum enables users to share specific contacts via labels, enhancing visibility and management for administrators​​.
  1. Email Signature Management for Gmail: Patronum provides a solution for consistent and dynamic Google Workspace email signatures, ensuring a unified professional appearance across all user emails​​.
  1. Google Drive Management: Offering more control over Google Drive files and folders, Patronum enables administrators to share, copy, and even backup users’ Google Drive contents​​.
  1. Google Workspace Backup: An added layer of data protection, allowing for reliable backup of critical Google Workspace contents including Email, Calendar, Contacts, Files and Shared Drives.

Customer-Centric Approach: The Core of Bespin Labs

At the heart of Bespin Labs is a customer-first philosophy, influencing everything from feature development to pricing strategies. This approach has garnered a diverse client base, from large multinationals to specialized retailers. The ability to understand and address customer challenges is what sets Bespin apart in the competitive IT landscape.

Simplicity in Design: A Key to Success

In an industry marked by complexity, Bespin Labs excels in simplifying user interaction. The focus on creating intuitive user interfaces and delightful user experiences underlines their commitment to ease of use, even in complex processes.

Recognition and Future Vision

The recent accolade of Most Innovative Cloud-Based App Development Company 2023 – in the IT Awards is a testament to Bespin Labs’ dedication to excellence. Looking forward, Patronum is poised to continue its role as the “Guardian” of Google Workspace, evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of Google Workspace Administrators & its users.

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