“Nourishing Our Garden & Earth” Ranks as Best Seller #3 in Children’s Book on Agriculture

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“Nourishing Our Garden & Earth” Ranks as Best Seller #3 in Children’s Book on Agriculture

October 17
14:02 2023

Seattle, Washington, USA – October 17, 2023 – We are thrilled to announce that their latest release, “Nourishing Our Garden and the Earth,” has achieved the impressive rank of Best Seller #3 in the Children’s Book on Agriculture category. This bilingual illustrated story has captivated young readers and parents alike, sparking curiosity and imagination about the natural world.

Nourishing Our Garden & Earth Children’s Book Inspires Regeneration

“Nourishing Our Garden and the Earth” follows the journey of local farming families through compelling illustrations that bring the story to life. The book’s bilingual format not only introduces children to vocabulary in English and Spanish but also provides an educational opportunity to learn about science and ecology.

Inspired by the wisdom of many masters and ancestral traditions, this enchanting tale teaches children about the natural harmonious cycles of the earth, including the moon cycles and the art of planting seeds. It also highlights the vital importance of composting and regeneration in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

We envision a world where edible gardens and healthy forests thrive, where clean water and fresh air are abundant. The team is dedicated to promoting food sovereignty, which empowers individuals to choose healthy and regeneratively produced food. It also encourages people to define their own agricultural practices, seed selection, and food choices.

“We believe that everyone should have access to nutritious food and be able to make informed choices about what they consume,” said Lala & Jean Co-Authors. “Through ‘Nourishing Our Garden and the Earth,’ we hope to inspire readers to connect with the allies and friends in their environment and collaborate with them to create a more sustainable future.”

Lala & Jean co-author’s are passionate about transforming their words into action, bringing harmony and regeneration to communities worldwide. By fostering a deep appreciation for nature and its vibrant and thriving qualities, “Nourishing Our Garden and the Earth” aims to empower young readers to become forces of nature themselves.

To learn more about “Nourishing Our Garden and the Earth” and to join the movement towards a healthier and more sustainable world, visit: https://www.regenerateyourreality.com or Purchase eBook for limited time $1.99 on amazon & write us a review: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CKPYV4SG.

About the co-authors:

Laura (Lala) Palmieri is a Guatemalan native passionate about regeneration and integration with nature. She is a biologist, permaculturist, gardener, biotechnologist, teacher, herbalist, cook, fermenter, healer and lover of mushrooms and life.

Weaving Remedies is Lala’s project, which aims to integrate the knowledge of many masters and ancestral traditions, as well as interweave spirituality with Nature, science and chemistry. Through this initiative, she shares food, remedies, one-on-one consultations, and workshops on medicinal plants, mushrooms, permaculture & botany. She loves to curate opportunities to learn practical and accessible strategies that are also aligned with the regeneration of the earth and reconnection with a holistic perspective on well-being.

Learn more: www.weavingremedies.com | www.tejiendoremedios.com

Jean Pullen is a multi-talented yogi, gardener, permaculturist, cook, musician, and entrepreneur. She is the best-selling author of Regenerate Your Reality: Your Guide to Regenerative Living, Happiness, Love & Sovereignty, co-founder of the Regenerate Your Reality project, CFO at Jungle Project, and a Soil Advocate for Kiss the Ground.

Jean has a deep passion for connecting to the natural world; through her work, she seeks to restore the relationship between humans and the earth in order to build a lifestyle that supports regeneration. Jean and her partner Alan are stewards of land in Costa Rica, where they are growing food forests and medicinal gardens and teaching about regenerative living through culinary experiences and permaculture courses. They are active members in their local community, consulting for neighboring land projects, organizing seed exchanges, and empowering others to grow their own organic food and discover a regenerative lifestyle!

Learn More: www.regenerateyourreality.com | www.jungleproject.com

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