UXUY Launches DESKDAO at Consensus2023 Conference, and Officially Launches $DESK Airdrop

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UXUY Launches DESKDAO at Consensus2023 Conference, and Officially Launches $DESK Airdrop

May 02
21:16 2023

On April 26, 2023, the annual Consensus2023 conference kicked off, and decentralized trading platform UXUY officially announced the launch of DESKDAO in Austin to promote the consensus community’s use of the $DESK token, a social token by CoinDesk. Currently, UXUY’s DESKDAO has become the organization’s second-largest holder of DESK, following only CoinDesk, and has officially launched the $DESK airdrop.

In 2021, CoinDesk held a virtual consensus conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This virtual conference served as a testing ground for the use of their social token. The Rinkeby testnet was used to publish the social token $DESK for the first time.

After normalcy returned in 2022, $DESK was moved to the Polygon mainnet, and its use was unveiled. The goal was to build a community around CoinDesk, connect with users through DESK, and create a new ecosystem.

At the end of 2023, the CoinDesk account system was fully upgraded to access $DESK. Users could earn $DESK tokens online by reading articles, podcasts, videos, and more. The full transition of $DESK from being just an event reward token to a reward system for the CoinDesk ecosystem greatly stimulated the growth of the number of coin holders.

As of April 2023, the number of coin holding addresses exceeded 57,000 for the first time.

UXUY co-founder Jordan said at the Consensus2023 site, “The publishing method of $DESK subverts the traditional rules. Most of the $DESK obtained by users is still in the CoinDesk account. Users need to deduct 3 tokens to complete the on-chain minting, and the number of 57,000 active addresses is just the tip of the iceberg. As the next generation of decentralized trading platforms, UXUY focuses on the Unclaimed Track. I believe that the introduction of Web3 to a large-scale of users will become the core opportunity in the next five years. CoinDesk’s brilliant idea is a milestone, and UXUY’s launch of DESKDAO will play a part in the formation of a new consensus.”

Consensus 2023 not only provides $DESK tokens as rewards but also offers a large number of peripheral products to support $DESK payment and has created a DESK Hub to provide free drinks. $DESK holders can also participate in events such as the CoinDesk 10th Anniversary Birthday Party held at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q on April 27.

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