15 Top Beauty Salon Lines Announced Renewal with LANQINR European Ladies Fall in Love with Niche Skincare Brand

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15 Top Beauty Salon Lines Announced Renewal with LANQINR European Ladies Fall in Love with Niche Skincare Brand

March 10
21:44 2023

Fifteen European and American beauty salon lines that are only open to the top wealthy and European royal families spent sky-high prices to renew their contracts to continue to have the right to use the products of a Belgian niche brand. Such a drama happened a few days ago.

In early March, Belgian century-old skincare brand LANQINR has just completed a new round of brand channel authorization. Fifteen top European and American high-end beauty salon lines, including Biologlque and TUfet have obtained the sales and use rights of the Black Magic Series under the product for the next three years. This news brought to the public view of LANQINR, a top luxury skincare brand that was only popular in European high society.

It is reported that these 15 high-end beauty clubs are distributed in the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, France, the United States and other countries. Its customers are mainly the royal family, the top rich, and celebrities, and the annual membership fee is very high. Usually in such places, differentiated products are used as the selling point of beauty salons to widen the gap with known beauty brands. Skincare products are the most apparent category that can distinguish the grades of beauty salons. The LANQINR that signed the contract this time has never done any publicity, and even the Internet can’t find any traces of it, and it is only open to the upper class. In Belgium, it has the reputation of “Belgian High Society Passport”, a private and luxurious skincare brand most respected by the Belgian royal family and nobles.

LANQINR is a century-old aristocratic private brand that originated in Belgium. It was founded in Belgium in 1918 by European aristocrat Novak Coswirm. Novak found that bathing with rose water can make the skin white, tender and elastic, so he provided the purified rose water to noble ladies, and the results were well received. In 1919, Novak opened the first beauty salon in Belgium, creating a range of skincare products based on rose water and essential oils. In the century-old development history, expensive raw material costs, superior skincare technology and private crowd attributes have become the labels of this brand.

It is reported that the Pink Magic Series, the brand’s flagship product, can only enjoy services in three fixed clubs around the world, and there are only 112 members worldwide. Consumers need to hold brand-exclusive Rose Gold Coins to obtain consumption qualifications. This qualification can be inherited and is known as the passport of the upper class. The Black Magic Series signed this time is a mid-range product of the brand, mainly cooperating with global high-end beauty salon brands. Take the most representative Golden Stem Cell Face Cream in the series as an example, the price of a box is as high as 12,000 euros.

“The so-called world-renowned brands that ordinary people can come into contact with are only the tip of the iceberg in this industry. In fact, in recent years, more and more niche high-end brands like LANQINR have been discovered by the public, which has aroused widespread attention from the society, allowing people to glimpse the daily life of the world’s top upper-class society. “An industry insider analyzed.

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