OpenEx Mission & Vision: More People, More Choices & Freedom

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OpenEx Mission & Vision: More People, More Choices & Freedom

January 28
23:12 2023

Einstein once said he believed in Spinoza’s God, who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings.

Yes, “man created God and thought it was God’s creation,” but why?

It is because of man’s weakness that it needs the almighty God. It is because of its ignorance that it needs the all-knowing God. Because of its inner horror, it requires the perfect and beautiful God…

To sum up, people need God as an example to approach infinitely, which is the direction of human evolution and the sign of social progress. Every individual can grow a bit, gain a bit of wisdom, and improve his virtues a bit, which is the origin and purpose of all progress and evolution.

Therefore, any human innovation and invention that follows this direction and purpose is a journey worth OpenEx’s efforts.

The great significance of the Internet lies in the information search and interaction, while the advancement of Web 3.0, which is currently at the exploration stage, lies in moving from information monopoly controlled by a few people to personal information control;

Blockchain is not just a technology. It is the creation of a system. It allows unbinding value exchange from intermediaries to establish and maintain trust between two strangers cost-effectively;

Tokens allow to reduction of the property rights creation threshold to almost zero. People no longer need the country and government to confirm their rights. Smart contracts achieve low-cost, transparent, and tamper-proof execution of transactions and agreements. DAOs establish an organizational form for democratic governance and ensure that individuals participate in it and that their voice is heard…

All these blockchain-based innovations have brought more possibilities and freedoms to individuals. OpenEx wants to build an exchange for everyone and everything, to let in as many people as possible, and to trade as many things as possible. These are OpenEx’s mission and vision.

The thing is, trading is humans’ most basic economic and social activity. Through trading, individuals connect into groups, from families, tribes, villages, cities, and countries to the “global village” or even future extraterrestrial civilizations — if they exist.

Since the exchange organizes groups, it allows weak human beings to win the competition of natural selection and become rulers of the world on the scale of all things. Chimpanzees, the closest apes to humans, have a maximum group size of one hundred. However, humans can connect hundreds of millions of individuals using various methods like trading.

The premise and basis of trading is individual freedom, the freedom to control property and oneself. Trading is a significant way to manifest the value of this freedom, i.e., to transfer things of higher value to others and to reap stuff of higher value for oneself.

OpenEx’s dreams and ambitions are focused on the essence of trading.

Naturally, the more ambitious the goal, the more it needs a clear road. OpenEx’s value system is the limit. First, OpenEx values neutrality. The bottom line is OpenEx will not be involved in trading in the market and will not be exposed to any price fluctuation risks. If these are violated, a collapse may happen at any subsequent moment.

Second, OpenEx values fairness. By not trading in the market, the exchange also manifests the principle of justice. It is unfair to other traders if the exchange sets the rules and trades in the market. OpenEx also confirms its commitment to fairness through the transparency and openness of trading rules. OpenEx treats all traders equally. OpenEx will not favor large institutions because it will damage the fairness of trading.

OpenEx’s third value is rule No. 1 in risk control. As exchange platforms are at the industry’s core, their risks can systematically impact the industry. Therefore, OpenEx will manage risks like a fundamental financial institution. As the current regulatory system is imperfect, OpenEx creates a third-party regulatory mechanism to supervise and restrain ourselves. E.g., OpenEx establishes an independent clearing house, uses third-party custody of user funds, and introduces the DAO governance mechanism in which all parties participate.

OpenEx positions itself as an enabler, a service provider, and an evangelist of the digital world. OpenEx knows that OpenEx cannot become a universal exchange. Therefore, OpenEx chooses to empower more industry participants (e.g., OpenEx’s ecosystem members) to serve users with us;

OpenEx serves all ecosystem participants with a humble attitude. As an Exchange as a Service (EaaS), OpenEx believes that the noblest way of self-realization is enabling of achievements of others;

OpenEx has seen just a glimpse of the new world represented by blockchain technology. OpenEx will be evangelists with the passion of idealists and the practice of realists who let as many people as possible join the practitioners and evangelists to walk this road together.

To a better world.

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