The 6th Perfect Children Fashion Models Global Competition on CCTV. IPA All-Star League Set Sail

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The 6th Perfect Children Fashion Models Global Competition on CCTV. IPA All-Star League Set Sail

August 11
05:00 2022

Start a children’s fashion journey in the charming Yangcheng, Guangzhou to appreciate the summer vacation. The 6th Perfect Children Fashion Models Finals in 2022, a national competition for children models from July 24 to July 27, 2022, fell in Changlong, Guangzhou, China. CCTV4 Chinese International Channel China News reported that the wonderful grand occasion of the 6th Perfect Children Fashion Models Finals on August 8 has demonstrated the self-assurance of children in the modern era, fitting this summer with infinite grace.

The 6th Perfect Children Fashion Models in 2022 is a brand competition IP created by The Model Committee of International Profession Certification Association (IPA), which has been held in succession six times and staged on CCTV five times, making it a standard of the competition in the children model industry and a children’s model competition favored by CCTV.

The Global Competition Organizing and elite teams from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have spent hundreds of hours jointly customizing the stage design of the double-hall with the theme of metaverse theme of future science and freehand fairyland legend of national style, awakening children’s boundless imagination of the cosmos and the future as a result of its startling visual experience where science and technology merge with aesthetic sensibility.

The 6th Perfect Children Fashion Models in 2022 serves as a platform for children models to demonstrate their self-assurance and promote Chinese culture abroad. The Organizing Committee invited young contestants from Tibet to participate in a special Tibetan fashion display, showcasing Tibetan attire, Tibetan language, and Tibetan manners to all audiences while promoting the magnificent Chinese civilization during the international finals. The IPA Love Program will travel to Charming Tibet in 2022 to teach children about aesthetic education, demonstrate the power of public welfare, and allow children to engage in physical education while expressing their own sense of beauty and fashion.

The Model Committee of the International Profession Certification Association (IPA) creates a whole industrial ecosystem for national physical quality education institutions as a platform for the industry of children’s physical education with international influence. The Model Committee of IPA has been supporting the whole process of children’s aesthetic education in China by keeping up with the pace of education policy, and integrating pertinent industrial resources from both within or outside of the global industry. As the IP of Children Models competition, the Perfect Children Fashion Models consistently develops fresh concepts and organizes a nationwide competition with a rich cultural heritage to display the broad trends and successes of the IPA Model Committee’s top brand in the sector.

A victorious end to the 6th Perfect Children Fashion Models Finals in 2022 coincided with the implementation of the IPA All-Star League. The children’s variety shows The Shining Young, which is produced by IPA Model Committee and only airs on Mango TV, will be taped in Changsha, Hunan Province, during National Day. The 2022 Shenzhen Children Fashion Week, and the “The Best Showcase’ Children Fashion Supermodel Contest and the 2023 8th Children Fashion Models Star Festival are all currently underway, a continuation of glory. Driven by the current trend in aesthetic 

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