HD Pixel Design Introduces The Importance of Google My Business (GMB) And How To Help Grow Company Business

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HD Pixel Design Introduces The Importance of Google My Business (GMB) And How To Help Grow Company Business

March 20
05:48 2021

Google My Business is essentially a collection of tools to help manage and promote companies locally on Google maps.gmb

Learn everything from uploading photos to a Google business listing to communicating with customers through Google My Bussiness free messaging service.

So let’s get started.

What is Google My Business?

In 2014, GMB (Google My Business) was released to gather and segregate all the business worldwide (no small task) from the rest of the search results.

The significant part of GMB was its integration with Google Maps, enabling local search results for people looking for services in their area.

What does Google My Business do?

  • GMB provides companies with an array of free tools to help showcase their company.
  • GMB Info tab provides options to manage the company details in one place, helping keep customers updated.
  • Google Attributes tab is used to inform searces about anything from child friendly to payment types accepted.
  • Google Reviews are a great way to help a company stand out from the crowd and interact with customers.
  • Upload photos to the GMB account so people can see the products and services provided. GMB photos can be very beneficial; however, more on that later.
  • GMB Q&A’s, potential customers can ask listed companies general questions about services. GMB Q&A’s provides an excellent opportunity to interact with future customers.
  • Google Insights tab provides feedback on the customer base and interactions with your business. This can be a very beneficial tool for market research.
  • The GMB Messaging service allows customers to interact with companies directly within a private messaging service. Activating this feature alone can help boost company sales as people love the easy access and quick responses.
  • Product Listings on GMB is another free and valuable feature to take advantage of. Users can list products directly on their GMB profile for potentially millions to see.
  • GMB Services are similar to GMB products in that companies can showcase the services their company have to offer. Here business can be added to a variety of listing and categories, helping increase the companies appearance.
  • Google My Business Posts tab is the place to post about pretty much anything related to the company. Similar to social network sites like LinkedIn and Facebook pages. GMB also provides insights into how the post performs, helping companies target their market audience more effectively.
  • The GMB Website gathers all the data from GMB and creates a free essential website to showcase the information, providing a Google page link similar to https://hd-pixel-design.business.site/

Let’s start with the GMB Info page.

The GMB Info tab is the best place to start as this is the heart of the business listing.

This page is relatively self-explanatory. Companies can add information like company name, business hours, areas covered, and a few more valuable bits of information.

Make sure to fill in as much information as possible. This will help with the companies local appearance on Google.

Within the info section of GMB, users can add extra hours for holidays and special occasions. Along with categories and service areas.

There are a few more advanced features, but they are beyond this article’s scope.

Within the GMB Info tab, that is a beneficial addition for both the searches and the marketers.

What are Google Attributes?

Google attributes can help differentiate one company from another by showing unique information about the property or services.

For example, a dog-friendly pud would be a very beneficial attribute to add.

When people search for a pub in any particular area, the GMB attributes are displayed next to the business listing, enabling the end-user to make a more informed decision.

The GMB attributes should be used to add additional information like overnight parking, disabled access, private hire, health & safety measures, and the list goes on.

Depending on the information provided, this can have a positive impact on a companies local presence. Be sure to fill in as much data as possible, and don’t forget to look at it from a customers point of view.

Google reviews and how to get them

customer reviews on google

When people look for products and services, reviews play a big part in the customer’s decision.

GMB lets local businesses collect customer reviews and provides the option to reply and interact with them.

Its always good to reply to every review, even the negative ones. Responding to negative reviews on a GMB page shows customers the company cares and wants to help.

The simplest way to collect Google reviews is to send customers a link to the Google local page. The link can be set up from the GMB Info tab and will be similar to https://g.page/hdpixeldesign

If companies are selling products from a website, there are various ways they can integrate reviews.

When a customer makes a purchase, Google will email them, asking if they would like to review the service provided.

What are the benefits of GMB photos, and how to add them?

The GMB photos are another great way to show products or services and attract more customers.

When posting a picture to GMB photos, add a relevant caption to the image to define search results.

Check how popular images are and the number of clicks it receives using GMB Insights, providing vital marketing information.

Within the GMB photos section, upload the company logo and cover picture to help brand the appearance in local search results.

Can also upload video presentations and virtual tours to the Google My Business photos section.

GMB photos

How does Google My business questions and answers work?

GMB questions and answers allow potential customers to ask companies questions that come across local Google listing.

When someone asks a question using this feature, company owners can respond from the GMB account. This is made public on your listing to help others.

Over time listings on Google local can build a helpful knowledge base of fundamental questions that customers need answering.

What is Google Insights?

Google insights is a quick insight into how a companies Google My Business page is performing.

Within Google insights, users can find an array of information that is useful for their market research.

  • How customers search for a site.
  • Where customers view business on Google
  • How many calls the company receives from their Google Maps listing.
  • How photos are performing compared to similar companies.

Google Insights is worth checking out to get a good insight into how the business listing performs and help fine-tune future marketing strategies.

Google My Business messaging service and guidelines

Companies with a Google local listing can enable the GMB messaging service from the site’s info section.

Enabling the messenger service adds a button to the listing enabling users to contact the company quickly and securely.

Make sure to read the Google Messaging guidelines before activating this feature.

Google My Business services and products

google services tab

GMB services is essentially a category section where users can select various categories for the company listing.

Be sure not to underestimate this section. It can be very beneficial to the number of visitors a company can attract to the listing.

GMB products are for uploading your products directly to the listing. These can show up in a variety of search types and features.

I would recommend taking the time and categorise the products added. Categorising the products can save time and make it easier for Google to understand the structure.

Google My Business posts

Google My Business posts allow companies to share information with customers and presented similar to a blog.

GMB posts are found within the local section of Google search results and in the Google Maps listing.

If used correctly in conjunction with Google insights, it can become an invaluable tool in helping companies brand get noticed in local search results.

What is the Google My Business website?

Within Google My Business, registered users can create a free mobile optimised website. Google will use the GMB page information to populate it.

After the new GMB websites enabled, there is the option to make more changes by adding images and text.

At the top of the page, there is a unique URL to share online.

Don’t delay; set up Google My Business page today.

Creating a Google My Business page only takes a few moments. You will often find the business already has a local listing, so its just a case of claiming the Google listing.

Setting up your GMB page can take a little longer, and finding the time to keep the information updated and fresh can be a task.

If a company decides to go down the search engine optimisation line, they can add the marketing company to the profile providing them access. This is usually the first port of call for local SEO companies.

source: https://hdpixeldesign.com/2021/03/17/what-is-google-my-business/

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